Landscaping & Design

A solid landscape design can turn an average yard into an oasis of beauty, surrounding you with the best of what nature has to offer. To get started, book a consultation with our qualified and knowledgeable landscape artists.

We will sit down with you to get your ideas and evaluate your current landscape and lifestyle. From there, we will develop a plan customized to fit your budget and timelines. We will work with our landscaping construction company, GreenScape for plant installation, yard construction and property maintenance.

Your exclusive landscape design will save you time and money because you can decide your budget up front and you won’t find yourself transplanting and removing plants you don’t like or making expensive alterations. You will get the garden you always wanted and the property of your dreams.

Growing Tip

Container gardening will also continue to be very popular, whether for those gardeners who have space challenges or to simply add focal points in larger spaces. Containers are great for growing a herb garden, or even vegetables! There are more vegetable varieties coming out every year that are specifically designed to grow in containers. You can even create a stunning water feature right on your deck with a large ceramic planter.

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